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On Christmas evening, the group, along with Jaegu's siblings, Gangrok, Inseong, and Jungu, celebrate together, and Jaegu realizes his feelings for Queen who is still abroad.As students enter their next year of school, Jaegu takes over the boxing club as captain, Queen is studying in Japan, Daldal and Myunghwan start dating, whereas Moonyoung and Jungu continue to pursue their unrequited crushes.Higyeong and Jonathan send fighters to get revenge on Queen and Moonyoung but fail once more.

She has a friendly rivalry with Daldal Choi, who makes fun of her weight or calls her a pig.Moonyoung and Daldal end up fighting each other in the round of 16.Although Queen returns for her match, she withdraws from the tournament to continue her work.Queen selects Jaegu to be her opponent in the upcoming tournament, but a conflict between Jaegu and Queen's rival, Hyeshin Kim, from Gura High, results in Jaegu being placed in the preliminary rounds.When Jaegu is bullied by a former middle school classmate, Hangyeol Kim, the girls help train Jaegu to fight and their schools arrange for them to face each other. Since then on, Moonyoung, Daldal, Queen, and Jaegu become good friends.

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She has long blonde hair and almost always has a cool and serious attitude.