Tyler perry dating janet jackson ring tree dating

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Tyler perry dating janet jackson

He was such a close family friend, so I still remember that day and that feeling,” she says.“And of course I’ve had so many friends pass away from AIDS who never talked about it until they got sick.Typically, Jackson thought the invite was another one of Perry’s safety checks.“He worries about me a lot and calls sometimes just to see how I’m doing, so I had no idea he was thinking of making a movie out of the play—or that he’d want me in it, for that matter,” she says. “I remember being about 10 years old and visiting Michael in New York when he was filming The Wiz. “I always remembered it as the play with the really long name.” Perry had been hearing for years from women—most recently Whoopi Goldberg—who wanted him to adapt it.He even changed the ending of the film—over her objections—because it featured her in a scene at a funeral. “When I think of Janet, I just want to protect her.Not that she needs it—she can handle whatever comes her way, and she has.

But Perry has deftly updated their situations to feel more true to 21st-century Harlem, though you still must get past the dated idea that all the women feel consumed and defined by their relationships with men (and that the men, with the exception of one noble policeman, are worthless).

By the end of the movie, we discover that Jo’s husband has given her AIDS.

“I guess my first thought was going back to when Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS.

Keep up with this story and more Jackson plays Jo, a high-powered magazine editor from the Devil Wears Prada school.

“Tyler named her Carmen, but Carmen doesn’t seem cold, heartless, and hard.

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R&B singer Stephanie Mills may have let the cat out of the bag with this picture of Gelila sporting a wedding band and referring to her as Tyler Perry's wife.