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Publication date: November 2017 Source: Political Geography, Volume 61 Author(s): Britt Crow-Miller, Michael Webber Based on extensive fieldwork as well as a discourse and content analysis of relevant government documents, we identify two important rescalings around China's South-North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP), the world's largest water project to date.These rescalings work in tandem with a discourse around the long-held Chinese ethic of “eating bitterness” (enduring hardship or chiku) and serve to include and exclude stakeholders and manufacture public acceptance of the project in the face of significant social, economic, and ecological trade-offs.Our study finds that the two types of regions correspond relatively well to each other in this test city, but that the electoral districts correspond more to the thematic regions, understandable given that the district creation made no attempt to survey residents about their beliefs.Publication date: November 2017 Source: Political Geography, Volume 61 Author(s): Kate Coddington In this paper, I suggest that the category of ‘ward,’ a designation used for Aboriginal Australians in the 1950s and 1960s, has re-emerged in contemporary Northern Territory (NT) life.Wardship can be layered on top of citizen and non-citizen status alike.

In this article I suggest that support for violence in times of drought depends on people's relationship with their government and the way in which this relationship determines their vulnerability to adverse climatic shocks.In the Journal Browser, a search box can be used to look up journals on certain subjects.The terms entered in this box are used to search the journal titles and other metadata (e.g. It is also possible to use the All Science Journal Classification from Scopus to filter journals by research area (e.g. After having selected journals by subject or research area, it is possible to apply additional filters.These concern the possibilities for Open Access publishing, discounts on Open Access publishing costs, and the quartile to which the journal’s impact factor belongs.Finally, one can select a Dutch university for which a deal on Open Access publishing is available.

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Although these civil affairs operations constitute only a small part of the wider US military activity on the continent, they play a significant role in the US military's post-counterinsurgency emphasis on stability operations.