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A police helicopter with heat-seeking cameras spotted the big cat but it ran off before it could be caught.Lillith was dubbed the 'Beast of Borth' after escaping from her cage by making a 'giant leap' over an electrified fence.Andrew Venables, the marksman said to have been brought in to kill the escaped lynx, told Mail Online that his company had previously trained staff at the wildlife park in the humane use of firearms.He said: 'I can confirm that the zoo twice told Ceredigion Council officials that they understood that the lynx may have to be humanely euthanised if it left the immediate area and got within 100m of occupied property.'It was found 24 hours ago under a caravan on a caravan site.Disgusting.'Now Ms Tweedy, 47, claims that the council are now refusing to hand back her remains.She said: 'I am angry - there is nothing humane about shooting a defenceless creature.'The council is saying Lillith went onto a populated part of the community, but that is rubbish.'She was seen asleep under a caravan at a holiday park which is closed at this time of year.'Lynx are not dangerous - they will run away from people which is what she has been doing since she escaped.'Mrs Tweedy said she asked officials to use a tranquiliser dart on the animal but was told that was not possible.However they were determined to bring her back safe and well, and 'categorically refused' to allow marksmen to hunt her down.The statement continued: 'We had been pressured from the start to allow marksmen to hunt her with live ammo, but we categorically refused that option.'All the time she remained in the woods we could argue that she was a danger to no-one and we fought for more time to capture her alive.'After the extensive search for the 18-month-old female lynx, the park was devastated to hear that they had 'run out of time', and Lillith would be hunted and shot.

Ceredigion Council will now carry out an urgent safety inspection of the attraction which was taken over by Mrs Tweedy and her artist husband Dean earlier this year.

And animal rights activists are asking why the young Eurasian lynx could not have been sedated instead.

Marksman Mr Venables, who carried out the killing, said he had no option but to shoot the lynx because the tranquiliser darts take 15 minutes to take effect.

At that time they were told the lynx may have to be shot if they could not catch it. We have no further comment.'But Mr Venables told the Guardian that he had no option but to shoot the lynx because tranquiliser darts take 15 minutes to take effect - meaning the animal would have been able to run away.

He said: 'The animal was found in a caravan park, where tourism is vital, and the possibility of a darting response was never explored.'It was further complicated by the dark, since it was a night-time operation.'He added: 'The very sad truth is the fact an animal was allowed to escape in the first place and that the owners were unable to catch it over a three-week period of grace.

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We have spared no expense or effort in our search.'The only options available to us were live catching with nets or luring her into one of the many bait traps that we built and placed in areas she was frequenting.'The authorities lent us one bait trap (that was too small) and a few camera traps to aid us in our search.