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Sex and the city season 2 episode 11 online

Tonight's installment brought us north of the Wall, gave us a shocker from Cersei Lannister, teased some trouble between Sansa and Arya, and delivered a lot of meeting and reunions, some of which we never even expected. Though the incident didn't cause them to drown, it did make Jaime realize just how powerful Daenerys's side is, and how much damage her dragons can do. Catch up with our recap.)Last week's episode left us off with a cliffhanger when we saw Jaime Lannister and Bronn get pushed into a river just as Drogon was about to breathe fire on them.Cersei doesn't believe him at first, but he lays it out for her: if she were Lady Olenna, who would she rather have her granddaughter marry, Joffrey or Tommen? Cersei realizes he's telling the truth and wishes Olenna had died screaming rather than painlessly with poison. Daenerys seems shocked and curious about the interaction.When Daenerys returns from battle, Drogon and Jon Snow come face to face on the cliff of Dragonstone. Drogon roars in his face and bears his teeth, but Jon reaches his hand towards the dragon’s snarling mouth and pets him right on the nose. Jon seems troubled by the news that Daenerys defeated some of her enemies, but she tells him that if they want to help people, "We can only help them from a position of strength.He saw the Dothraki fight, and Khaleesi has three dragons.

Daenerys says she didn't give him permission to leave, but Jon shuts her down: “With respect, Your Grace, I don’t need your permission.

Just from looking at the burnt corpses and wagons in the aftermath of the battle, Tyrion Lannister is already uneasy.

The Dothraki warriors bring the surviving Lannister soldiers to Daenerys, who offers them an ultimatum: bend the knee or die.

The Night King makes eye contact and the ravens flee.

When Bran finishes his vision, he tells his steward they need to send ravens.

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Tyron's uneasiness carries into Dragonstone, where he and Varys talk about Daenerys's decision to burn the Tarlys alive over a goblet of wine.