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Former church members claim they have been driven off the road, seen FLDS children peeing on their lawns and found dead animals with their throats slit left on their porches.In September, the office window of a victim's advocate was shot out.The trial is slated to end in late February or early March and, if the feds are successful, criminal charges could follow, helping to end FLDS control over Short Creek.But the FLDS isn't expected to go without a fight.His private security force roams the streets in SUVs with blacked-out windows, enforcing church discipline and tailing anyone who passes through town. But not everyone is following Jeffs' orders anymore.Jessop is part of a growing band of outcasts numbering in the hundreds who have refused to leave town, and the rising tension between the faithful and these exiles has pushed Short Creek to the brink of civil war.

Known collectively as Short Creek, the two towns have a total population of about 8,000, the majority FLDS, making the community the largest polygamist enclave in America.

Created by the town elders in the 1940s, the UEP was a charitable trust designed to allow FLDS members to live communally and keep outsiders at bay.

All FLDS members gave ownership of their property to the church-controlled trust, on top of paying a percentage of their incomes.

A week later, someone blew up an apostate's truck.

There are even rumors that Jeffs is trying to create a master race, loyal only to him, through a secret breeding program known as the "seed bearers." "This is a community that has been controlled by a madman now sitting in a jail in Texas," says Sam Brower, a private investigator who worked on the Jeffs case and is the author of As Jeffs' former bodyguard, Jessop is one of the DOJ's most important witnesses, a key to taking down the FLDS.

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He then began evading authorities while marrying off teenage girls to the sect's leadership.