Marketa irglova glen hansard dating

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Marketa irglova glen hansard dating

This chance offer accepted by both would reward them handsomely.went to Sundance in January 2007 with little to no expectation.During this time Glen became a dear friend to the family and visited their home during times of repose from touring.He also became a musical mentor to Marketa and in turn used her as a soundboard for new material he was writing.At seven years Marketa began learning the piano as this had been her mother Jana’s own unfulfilled childhood dream.Her father insisted a year later that she also learn to play guitar saying that the piano would be, in his words “too impractical to haul around”, unlike a guitar which can be carried on one’s back and passed around a campfire.It was an overwhelming time for someone fresh out of the U. At the start of 2008, one of the songs Marketa wrote with Hansard for “Falling Slowly” was nominated for, and subsequently won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The seeds for what would become The Swell Season took root at this time.

In 2004, Marketa met Glen Hansard of the band, The Frames through her father who was promoting their shows in the country.

The family hosted a welcoming party upon the bands arrival in their home town.

Marketa’s parents always kept their door open to travelers and all found a warm welcome in their home.

Three years later the family welcomed another daughter, Suzie.

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She performed a few classical pieces which she had prepared for this purpose and John offered her the part.

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