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All you have to do is align your physical, mental, and emotional states throughout the day.When you do this, you achieve what many athletes experience as being in the zone. Only then can you truly be productive, and gain back hours of otherwise wasted time.We incorrectly believe that if we rest, we won’t come back. By not honoring our natural cycle of rising focus and energy and then the natural period of downtime and recovery, eventually we burn ourselves out.It turns out that if we just relax for about 20 mins or so, the energy cycle comes back all by itself, naturally. Burn out is much harder to recover from than simply allowing the cycle that is already occurring naturally.A Natural Rhythm We Have But Don’t Use (And Are Missing Out On) Our bodies have literally hundreds of different rhythms and cycles.From breathing to our heartbeat to the blinking of our eyes to our emotion cycles and the firing of the neurons in our brains.We have daily cycles such as the circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking.Inside that big rhythm, runs a smaller rhythm, called the ultradian rhythm.

If we neglect one or more of these areas, it’ll pull us down and we’ll only achieve a fraction of our effectiveness.In your “free time” during the week and on weekends, the last thing you feel energized to do is set up your side hustle.What if I told you that by changing your daily habits, you could double your productivity, boost your energy, and finally get that coaching business up and running?Remember: the quality of your productivity is built on the quality of your rejuvenation.We have to make breaks a high priority and high quality.

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It’s impossible to perfectly align the physical state of being in the zone, the mental of being in flow, and the emotional state of fulfillment, so I came up with the 60-60-30 Solution.

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