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The districts Beaubourg & Les Halles are famous for various reasons: Centre Pompidou, famous food markets and marketplaces dating back centuries.Beaubourg and Les Halles are perfect for students who like to shop, you can find one of the biggest shopping center there, recently renovated.Paris, the city of romance and the city of the beautiful “Tour Eiffel” is a wonderful place to study for international as well as local students.The demand for student dorms is high, but supply is scarce.Its beauty is present in the architecture of buildings, cafes and restaurants.The Montparnasse tower is worth the visit for a bird’s eye view of the city.

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  1. It's a sharp contrast with the savage atmosphere around the characters, the river scenes, and the feeling of near-isolation from any semblance of civilization. Definitely worth your while and I hope it follows the novel to the letter.